Live Recordings

He Will Carry You

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The Three Branches

Teacher by day, Musician by night #workingman

Kala'e is the music director at Kapalama Elementary.  He is a 3rd generation music teacher/musician and is living out his childhood dream of following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather. This award winning film was directed by Kala'e's wife, Layla Hanohano-Tripp, covering the musical legacy tied to the Camarillo 'Ohana.

Leather and Lace

With Robi Kahakalau.

When Sista Robi and Jeff Rasmussen released their version of "Leather and Lace," it took the islands by storm.  Here is Kala'e and Robi performing it on the Hawaii Music Supply Podcast.

Rhythm of the Falling Rain

With Mika Kane

Growing up in Hawaii, the Ka'au Crater Boys were pretty much every local kid's favorite group.  Their island sound is Kala'e's biggest influence, and it's easy to hear in his music.  This is Kala'e and Mika's take on the Ka'au Crater Boys rendition of "Rhythm of the Falling Rain."

Hawaii Music Supply Podcast

How Deep is Your Love

Kala'e has come to be a frequent guest on one of Hawaii's most popular podcasts put on by the Ukulele Site and Hawaii Music Supply.  Here Kala'e is performing along side 'ukulele virtuoso, Mika Kane.  Kala'e and Mika perform together often.

Ho'ola Hawaii

Makua with Robi Kahakalau

Aside from performing as a solo act, Kala'e can be found performing often with one of Hawaii's most iconic female musicians, Robi Kahakalau.  Here is one of Robi's original songs that they performed on the tv show, "Ho'ola Hawaii."

Hawaii News Now

I Need You Dear

Kala'e appeared on Hawaii's morning news broadcast to promote his most recent album, "Feel at Home."  Here is a clip of his performance.

Tiny TV

Feel at Home promo

Kala'e appeared on the popular Hawaii tv show, "Tiny TV."  Here he is performing the title track on his album, "Feel at Home."  This video was one of Kala'e's favorite spots to perform/eat, "Ohana Market Place."

C4 Anniversary Music Video​

Here is a music video that Kala'e, his wife, and Imua Garza filmed for their church.  The song is called, "He Will Carry You," which was popularized in Hawaii by the Mana'o Company.

Solo Performances

Live Looping Demonstration

Kala'e uses a "Loop Pedal," which allows him to emulate the sound of a full band by recording different layers of a song (e.g. rhythm guitar, lead guitar, percussion, bass, etc.).  With the use of his pedal board, he is capable of creating a much larger sound, making his music suitable for any event, big or small.




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