Live Recordings

Full Band

Get in touch with Kala'e to see when you can catch his next live performance.

Pi'i Mai Ka Nalu

Kala'e can be found performing as a soloist, duo, trio, and quartet. His usual 4 piece band consists of himself (ukulele/acoustic guitar), another guitarist, bass player, and percussionist.  Here is a video of his quartet performing at SALT Kaka'ako.

Solo Performances

Live Looping Demonstration

Kala'e uses a "Loop Pedal," which allows him to emulate the sound of a full band by recording different layers of a song (e.g. rhythm guitar, lead guitar, percussion, bass, etc.).  With the use of his pedal board, he is capable of creating a much larger sound, making his music suitable for any event, big or small.




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